About the house

In an oasis of tranquility, some twenty minutes away from highway/ ‘route payage’ A20  direction South, you’ll find “Maison La Vernède” situated on the property of Chateau La Vernède. A spacious house to accommodate eight people,completely refurbished in traditional architectural style, but with all the modern comfort and amenities of today. A project that the owners undertook with style, taste and passion after having had a successful career in the creative industry of professional photography. These days they decided to enjoy a slower pace of life in the area that the French call ‘the Tuscany of France’ for the distinct similarity in landscape with it’s Italian counterpart..
The hill on which the house is situated offers panoramic views over the hills and valleys and it is easy to day dream away at the private pool with in the background a soundtrack of singing birds, a church bell in the distance and the scent of lavender and rosemary.

The covered patio with its fully equipped kitchen is the place to relax on the warm, lazy summer evenings so common in the South West of France. The kids in the pool, dad at the stove and mom testing the local wines, everyone completely at ease and relaxed. When the adults would like to escape in order to enjoy a romantic dinner for two in one of the authentic restaurants in the area,  it’s no problem to arrange a babysitter. Paul and Sia, the owners of the mansion, aren’t just afficionado’s of fine food, but also enjoy preparing it. And doing an excellent job at it too, according to their friends and family who regularly enjoy a visit at La Vernède. If you like, just let them know and they will pamper you with one of their delicious and hearty meals, they’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!

The house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms,a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious salon with a robust fireplace. Ofcourse WiFi and satellite television are installed, so all ingredients for a comfortable stay even off season are at your disposal.

The soothing tranquility of the area, with the occasional far away sounds of a car or a tractor in the distance, makes it easy to let breakfast turn into a brunch. One of the two village bakers supplies the daily bread, croissants and delicious French pastries and the butter,cheeses and eggs by the local farmers. In the rustic village of Castelnau Montratier, just a five minute drive away, you can find all your other daily needs and the local people from the small, but well stocked supermarket are very friendly and accommodating.
At a twenty minute drive you’ll find the historical medium size towns of Cahors and Montauban. Markets, ‘brocantes’, and a charming mix of traditional and modern shops with all kinds of local products are proof that life is good here in Tarn et Garonne.

If you like a bit of exercise you’ll find the charming nine holes golfcourse ‘Roucous’ at just a three minute drive. During their stay a bunch of friends from Paul and Sia found this course a bit more challenging than they expected but also surprisingly more beautiful. The overall experience is also positively influenced by the charm and hospitality of George, the French clubowner who speaks fluent English and Dutch as well..
Other sporty options you have are scenic (E-) bike trips through the rolling hills and valleys and canoo trips on one of the nearby rivers; both challenging ones and the more suitable for kids ones. In just a day or two you’ll be adjusted to the slower pace of life that you’ll find yourself looking forward to the rest of the year.. Quiet,slow and balanced.